Becoming your own boss

Starting your own business, becoming a freelancer or a consultant is a great match with being a digital nomad – this is what I did, so I’m obviously in favor 💁🏽‍♀️

My “day job” is helping aspiring social impact entrepreneurs launch their dream business in 90 days without letting overthinking hold them back (Duraca Travels is my fun side project)! So if you’re thinking about becoming your own boss, I’d love to help you achieve your business AND nomad dreams. If this is you…

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Starting your own business or becoming a freelancer is a great fit with nomading – you can make sure you create a business that supports a nomad lifestyle and choose clients that accept, admire, and appreciate the fact that you’re a nomad! I founded my business, Duraca Strategic, in 2019, and haven’t looked back yet! In addition to helping budding small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, I’ve done consulting for big companies and governmental organizations including Intel, Amazon, Facebook, The World Bank, EIT Health, and more.

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Are you thinking about starting your own business and becoming your own boss?
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Disclaimer: You'll find some affiliate links throughout the site - along with real talk about what I do/don't like about the product/service. I don't recommend things I don't like. If you decided to act on my (free!) advice (you're welcome 💁🏽‍♀️), this means I'll get back some coffee money on my efforts - so it's a great way to show your support for this multicultural creator 🙂

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