Beet Coliving in Palermo, Italy – An Honest & Detailed Review from a Solo Female Digital Nomad

| Apr 8, 2024

If you can snag a room at Beet, do it! There aren’t too many colivings in Italy, and Palermo in Sicily is an amazing nomad destination. Overall, I loved my experience; tell Marco I sent you & get 5% off your booking using the coupon code “Tas24!” 🙂 Beet is a small coliving (only three rooms) – the people who are there will definitely impact the vibe. I only recommend places I’ve personally vetted – you can read more about what I look for in a coliving space here & find my full list of recommendations (and discounts!) here.

I actually didn’t stay at Beet itself – they were full, but Marco was kind enough to find me a spot with a friend and still gave me full access to the coworking space. This worked out great for me – the woman I stayed with was super cool & we became friends right away. I was a bit bummed to miss out on the gorgeous rooms at Beet but the friendship that I gained more than made up for it. So this was more like a “staying with a local friend” vibe which I loved. And how can you put a price on friendship?

Alright, let’s get into it.

Price. I paid 850 EUR ($911.25) for 17 nights = $53.60

Value. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(4/5)

Bedroom. The bedrooms at Beet have jaw-droppingly gorgeous painted ceilings, desks, nice closets, outlets galore – everything you could want. They only have three rooms, so they were full when I booked and I stayed with a friend of Marco’s in her childhood apartment she’d since taken over and made her own. Purely from an accommodation perspective, it wasn’t the same standard & value I would have gotten if I’d stayed at Beet itself. But being able to stay with a local and make a cool new friend more than made up for it. I had my own room with a desk, though sadly the internet didn’t really reach my room. This was a bit of a bummer – I rely on having a private space to do calls & webinars. The room was a bit sparse and there wasn’t much room to put my stuff, plus the door had a blurred glass panel so light came in at night. Again, if you book at Beet itself, none of this will impact you. And I still wouldn’t trade in my experience because I had an amazing time!

Work space. The coworking space at Beet was great. It’s gorgeous – painted ceilings, stunning wallpaper, even free monitors & ergonomic chairs. Because I didn’t have working internet in my room, it would have been great to have a call room to do a call privately; but if you stay at Beet you will have a desk in your room.

Common areas. Beet is in a gorgeous old building with a grand entrance. The space is beautifully designed and decorated. The building is narrow. You’ll go down a hallway with a common bathroom to the kitchen and an outdoor courtyard. There is a spacious coworking area and another spacious room with lots of tables that can be used for coworking, eating, etc. There are also a few small seating areas. It’s not a huge space, but it’s big enough for the weekly Thursday potluck that descends on Beet with 5-20+ nomads + expats + locals.

Kitchen/coffee. I didn’t cook in this kitchen much, but I think it has everything you need, including free coffee & multiple ways to make it (nespresso machine + moka pot). There’s also filtered tap water and even a dishwasher.

Amenities. Free coffee, potable water, coworking space included, games, fully furnished, weekly Potluck included, community events & activities for a fee. Also cute & unique – Beet has its own high-quality linens – towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, plus hotel-style nice soaps, shampoos, conditioner & other little goodies. I can’t promise you’ll get this, but Marco even gave me a sample of Limoncello – a local Italian liqueur.

Traveling and Beet Coliving in Palermo, Italy

Location. Amazing! Perfect location – a 5-10 minute walk to the old town, around the corner from a grocery store, very walkable to lots of cute cafes and restaurants.

Cleanliness & room cleaning. A once-a-week cleaning is included in your stay – this is what I prefer for longer term stays. Since I didn’t stay at Beet itself I didn’t have a close eye on the kitchen cleanliness, but it seemed pretty clean.

Staff & Volunteers. The founder, Marco, is often around. He’s from Palermo and is constantly working to build the community. He’s truly lovely and wants to make everyone feel at home. He cooks for the potluck every Thursday and organizes events every week. I loved meeting his friends and community. He was out of town the first week I was there, and it was definitely a different vibe – way fewer people, less energy, and some weird interactions. As soon as he was back, the vibe was back, the potlucks were packed, and it was a blast!


Community management. We had a potluck every Thursday that Marco cooked for, and usually also a weekend activity Marco organized that you could opt to join. He put on an amazing Easter barbeque at his mom’s house with local friends + nomads + expats. It’s very special to find a colive founded by a local who invites you in to his world, shares his friends and family, and makes you feel right at home. When I left, Beet was also partnering with Palermo International and bringing in even more expats and travelers for events, so it was a really fun and special mix. There are lots of locals in the group chat, which isn’t super active, but it’ll be easy for you to coordinate with your housemates and find fun things to do.

Members. As a 3-room colive, who is staying at Beet at any one time is going to impact the vibe a lot. There were also a few shorter stays of 1-week while I was there. The cool part is the mix of locals + nomads – I don’t think I’ve been to a colive that does this so well, and it’s because Marco is from Palermo and his friends are coming most weeks to hang out. Plus you have travelers and expats who have been living in Palermo for a while that also come regularly. 


Overall feel. Chill, fun, laid-back. The events are on an Italian schedule – don’t stress about the time. It’s good vibes! Quiet enough to get work done, with some late nights and fun times. 

I absolutely loved Palermo and would love to come back here!

Have you nomad in Sicily or in Italy? Did you stay at any colivings you liked? What did you think of Beet? Tell me your thoughts on Instagram @t.prad
And if you haven’t been yet, tell Marco I sent you & get 5% off your booking using the coupon code “Tas24!” 🙂 


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