Co404 Coliving in Oaxaca, Mexico – An Honest & Detailed Review from a Solo Female Digital Nomad

| Oct 15, 2023

The short version: I absolutely LOVED Co404 in Oaxaca, Mexico and highly recommend it! Tell David I sent you – & you can get 5% off your booking using the coupon code “Duracatravels5”. I only recommend places I’ve personally vetted and absolutely adore – you can read more about what I look for in a coliving space here & find my full list of recommendations (and discounts!) here.

Ok the long version! Let’s get into it.

Price. I paid $1035.60 for 28 nights = $37/night 

Value. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(5/5)

Bedroom. I got a private room with a private bathroom (they also have dorm rooms & shared bathrooms). I loved my room. Really cute design with the washed cement, vibey lightbulbs, and plenty of storage space. Loved that I had a desk in my room (with an outlet!), though I was glad I had my video light with me, otherwise it would have been pretty dark for video calls. Spacious bathroom too! I would have loved more natural light, and the sound proofing on the rooms isn’t great. The people staying in the dorms tend to hang out late in the common areas, so the sense of FOMO can be real 😂 Overall, very happy with the room.

Work spaces. 💯Love the coworking space at Co404. There are plenty of desks, plenty of outlets, and plants. It’s open air but I was never too hot/cold. There are even a few ergonomic chairs if you can beat the early crowd. There are also plenty of call booths (though they’re not very insulated).

Common areas. There is a massive open-air (covered) roof that makes up the common area –  that’s where the kitchen, dining table, coworking space, TV room & lounge area are. There are games, free coffee in the morning, and beers for sale. This creates a lovely communal atmosphere – if people are hanging out; they’re on the roof! It can get a bit chilly at night, so make sure you check the weather and bring layers, especially if you’re staying in a dorm. 

Breakfast/coffee/kitchen. There’s free coffee in the kitchen, but I preferred to use a Co404 loyalty card at a local coffee shop where I LOVED the coffee. There are also beers for sale, which is great if you’re hanging out in the evening and fancy a pint. You’ll get a bin in the fridge to store your groceries, and the kitchen has everything you need for cooking.

Amenities. Free coffee in the morning, potable water, beers for sale, coworking space included, games, movie room, fully furnished kitchen, community activities & events for a fee.

Location. Amazing! Perfect location – just a few blocks from the center of Oaxca City, super walkable to everything, close to lots of cute cafes and coffee shops. 

Cleanliness & room cleaning. A once-a-week cleaning is included in your stay – this is what I prefer for longer term stays. The common areas are cleaned daily – just make sure to do your dishes! And not horde coffee cups in your room…those tended to be in short supply. Co404 was kept nice and clean while I was there!

Oaxaca Community Outdoor

Staff & Volunteers. Wonderful! Co404 has several volunteers who manage the community in exchange for lodging. They’re fun & lovely and come up with awesome community activities. Occasionally payment & things is a bit disorganized and haphazard, but it’s well worth it for the delightful community feel. The cleaning staff, manager, and owners are lovely as well.

Community management. Fantastic! We had a community dinner every Wednesday, and almost an activity every single day that you could opt into – from craft-making, cultural celebrations, to going out. There is such a strong sense of community here and so many activities to join.

Members. Lovely! I met so many returning Co404-ers – people who stayed for several months, and came back again. You’ll see why – this place is special. Because there are so many returning folks who already know each other, and such a big crew, it can feel a bit intimidating when you first arrive – it feels like everyone already knows each other and can seem a bit cliquish. Dive in, start hanging out, and soon enough you’ll be part of the crew!


Oaxaca Day of the Dead Celebrations

Overall feel. Fun, carefree, hippie vibes. Because Co404 has dorms and private rooms, volunteers, and it’s bigger than many colivings, you get a lot more people and more kinds of people, which is really nice. So it’s a cool blend between a hostel and a coliving – still work hard play hard, but sometimes it leans more play hard. Totally manageable though and a lot of fun!

This is definitely one of my favorite cities & colivings I’ve been to – and I’ll definitely be back, and I can’t wait to try their location in San Cristobal de las Casas – I hear it’s very laid back!

I went to Oaxaca for Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, to honor my late father, and I’m so glad I did. It was a powerful experience, and I loved the Oaxacan view of death. Full digital nomad guide for Oaxca coming soon! 

Have you been to Oaxaca or stayed at Co404? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts on Instagram @t.prad
And if you haven’t been yet, tell David I sent you – & get 5% off your Co404 booking using the coupon code “Duracatravels5”!

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