My favorite coworking & coliving places that I’ve stayed as a digital nomad – so far

| May 26, 2022

As a solo female traveler and digital nomad, one thing I value is community. And often an easy way to get set up with a community and new friends quickly when traveling is to join a coworking space or stay at a coliving place.

What is that you ask?

  • A coworking space is where you have a bunch of people, who well, cowork…aka work together in the same room(s) at the same time.
  • A coliving is a place where you have a bunch of digital nomads and remote workers living and working all together.

Here are some of the reasons I like joining coworking spaces and staying at colivings as a digital nomad:

  • They cater to your needs! It’s easy to get set up quickly. Every place is different, but they should have great wifi, desks, plenty of plugs, call rooms, and hopefully ergonomic chairs. Air conditioning can be really helpful too. I love being in a beautifully and functionally designed space that makes my life easier, especially as I get older – and have the money to pay for it. As a digital nomad, I’m working – not on vacation. So having a place designed with remote workers in mind makes a difference.
  • Local knowledge. When you stay somewhere where the owners or community managers live and work, they can give you all the inside tips!
  • Community. Imagine showing up to a town where you know no one, and meeting 10 new friends your first day? That’s basically what it’s like at the best coliving/coworking spaces I’ve been at. I’ve loved going on outdoors adventures with fellow colivers and coworking space members – many of whom I’m still in touch with.
  • Work motivation. When you’re in a tropical paradise (or winter wonderland), it’s nice to be surrounded by driven, ambitious, hard-working people who work hard and play hard. Not only will they go on adventures with you, they’ll be understanding and encouraging when you have to get projects done. And it’s nice to have someone to type beside 🙂

When I have joined a coliving or coworking, generally, it’s really enhanced my experience. I’ve met awesome people all over the world because of it. And it makes getting to a place, settling in, and making friends quickly a breeze. These places tend to be a bit pricier, and I find the high price point tends to mean that you’re meeting other legit business owners/remote workers. You can absolutely find cheaper places to stay, but for me, the cost tends to be worth the value. And I love juxtaposing nice places when I need to focus with roughing it and less-fancy places – when I am on vacation. I think doing both helps me stay grateful and appreciate everything I have. I don’t always stay in colivings or join a coworking. Sometimes I want more time to myself and privacy. I’ve booked hostels, hotels, and rented rooms/whole places to stay. Pro tip: try location-based Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace to find cheaper housing (more legwork, but you can get great results!).

Here are a few of my favorite coliving and coworking places around the world. I’ve stayed at all of these, and met wonderful people I’m still in touch with at each location:

Image link of Tasha relaxing by pool, linking through to travel list

Remember, it’s your journey – don’t be afraid to try things for yourself and see what you do & don’t like!

So what did you think of this list? Have you visited another coliving or coworking space that you loved? Tell me all about it on Instagram @t.prad!

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