My ultimate digital nomad packing list as a solo female traveler for five years

Before becoming a digital nomad, I spent soooo much time testing gear, worrying about what to bring, and working on my packing list. Five years later, I’ve made some changes and improvements along the way.

A few general tips when you’re packing:

  • You’re still going to be YOU when you’re abroad. Think of the activities you love doing at home and that are part of your every day routine. How will you continue those abroad? What do you need with you?
  • Carry-on only versus checked bag — I’m a checked bag girlie. No way I could carry everything I need for most climates & traveling indefinitely without a checked bag. That said — remember you have to carry everything you’re bringing. The heavier your bags, the harder it is to move between places and take public transportation.
  • It’s ok to bring a couple of non-practical items that make you feel good, sexy, happy, and comfortable!
  • Think of what you have planned in the near-future and pack for that. Fancy dinner? Giving a talk? Surf camp? Backpacking trip?
  • Remember, you can always buy things if you need them abroad. Some places it may be harder than others (for example, being a curvy gal, stuff in Asia doesn’t necessarily fit me super well). So stock up on essentials it will be hardest to replace. When friends & family & other nomads visit you, they can bring you stuff too.
Tasha with luggage


Nomatic Backpack

This is my every-day backpack and it comes with me under the seat in front on the plane. It’s heavy, but I freaking love it. It’s so well designed for digital nomads — laptop sleeve, nearly waterproof, expands for weekend trips, and all the compartments and pockets you could want. Plus it looks sleek and professional.

REI Backpacking Backpack

This is a similar model to what I have now. It’s a lightweight frame, whcih helps with checked back weight. Love the all-around zipper, which helps access stuff.

Away Bigger Carry-on Suitcase

Glad I got a hard shell, not glad I got it with the built in battery. Bring a portable charger, but having it built into the suitcase is a waste of space.

Laptop and Headphones



I now have one of these in each of my pieces of luggage so I can track it if the airline uses it or it gets stolen.

Macbook Air

Love my baby. Lightweight, powerful and does everything I need! There’s no nomad without the digital! Having a great lightweight laptop is key.

iPhone 13 Pro

This is also critical for my work, so I got the latest version that was Tasha-sized.

Phone CasePhone Screen ProtectorPhone ChargerLaptop Hard Case and Screen ProtectorLaptop Keyboard Protector

My phone and my computer are the two most important things I travel with, so you better believe I’m doing #allofthethings to protect them and keep them safe.

Laptop Privacy Screen

I love having this so people can’t stare at my screen. Plus it’s great for blue light protection and helps my eyes not get so tired staring at the computer. Whether I’m updating my Instagram, looking at bank statements, or doing client work — it’s none of my neighbor’s business! This makes me feel safer and protects my privacy. …and protects my screen from the odd soup splash ;p

Laptop StandMouseKeyboard

After a few years of nomading, I started getting shoulder and wrist pain. Switching to having a laptop stand, external mouse + keyboard setup has totally fixed it!

Macbook USB PortHDMI Adapter

I use these both regularly to connect my computer to a TV or projector, and to plug more things into my laptop.

Workout Headphones

I have tiny ears, and these seem to be the only headphones that don’t irritate them!

Work Headphones

These are expensive (and the microphone doesn’t work?!) but they are SO comfortable and AMAZING at noise cancelling. Best work tool I own after my laptop and phone. These Bose headphones help me stay productive no matter the environment. So, so worth it. Deeply miss my special edition rose gold ones.

WebcamLavalier MicMobile Creator Kit and Light

I do a lot of webinars and create a lot of content, so having this set up with an external camera, microphone, and bright light helps me look and feel professional.


Having a speaker is a MUST. Music = party. Whether you’re dancing by yourself in the shower or trying to turn the vibe up, bring a speaker.

Cable Organizers

I love these little cord tacos for organizing my cords and keeping everything cute and tidy



I usually have two cheapish polarized pairs of sunglasses at all times, in case I lose one

Water Bottle

Love my LARQ water bottle; it’s self-cleaning and it can even clean the water with UV. I used it on tap water for a week in rural Colombia and didn’t get sick!


I always have travel kleenex with me on the plane.


These are great for hikes…and hangovers

Packable Backpack

I always have this with me, it’s practically my purse. Great for days in the city, day trips, hikes, etc.

Camel Back

I love the experience of hiking with a camelback and being able to drink water whenever I want without having to stop the whole group to take out my water bottle. I don’t hike without it.

Playing Cards

The best tool ever made for making friends.

Luggage Scale

I carry this in case of a weird flight weight regulation.

Canvas Bags

Helps organize everything!

Vibrator , Lube , Batteries

Pack like you live ;p Bring everything you need!

Luggage Tags

Luckily my luggage hasn’t been lost…yet. Stay prepared!

Travel Yoga Matt

I often join a gym, but sometimes that’s not an option. Having this is so helpful for doing body weight workouts.

Exercise Bands

I don’t use these too much, but they weigh nothing and are easy to carry and comforting to have.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

I don’t use this nearly as much as I used to, but it’s still so helpful for the odd 5am bus ride.


I prefer to wash and then hang dry my clothes, so having this clothesline handy is super helpful!



Toiletry Bag

You need something to put all your toiletries in!

Toiletry Containers

After refilling the same travel Pantene bottles for years, I finally broke and upgraded to something like this. It’s fabulous — made for refilling, and easy to squeeze out every last drop.

Face Wash

I’m addicted to this Pacifica face wash. I’m actively sad when I don’t have it.

Chapstick w Sunscreen

Bring chapstick with sunscreen — winter or summer, altitude or no, you need it.

Daily Moisturizer w Sunscreen

I put this Aveeno moisturizer with SPF on every single day

Conditioner , Shampoo , Gel

Curly girl here! Ouidad is my favorite curl brand for hair products. I buy the big bottle and put it in my travel containers. When I run out, I buy what’s available locally…good luck!

Wet Dry Brush

I didn’t discover the concept of a wet dry brush until a few years ago…had just been getting brushes and getting them wet lol

Contact Solution

Contact soluton can occassionally be hard to find, so I like to have a big stock, plus a bunch of little bottles.


Gotta shave

Moisturizer – Nighttime , Nightly Skincare

My sister introduced me to Eminence skin care. Their products are pricey but it feels AMAZING

If Your Thighs Rub Together

Apply this! I do whenever I’m wearing a dress or skirt. In a pinch — coconut or even olive oil ;p

Hair Ties

I love these hair ties. I keep buying & replacing them.

Tweezers , Nail Clippers

You’re gonna need to tweeze & clip your nails regularly!


Midol – for Period Symptoms

Critical for period symptoms, I’ve never found anything better.

Pill Organizer

I use this to organize and carry pills — I’m always stocked with IB Profen / Tylenol, allergy medicine, Benedryl, Diarrhea medicine, and a probiotic. If possible I like to have ambien and cipro and a Z-pack pre-prescribed by my doctor for the odd overnight flight or bacterial infection.

For Hangovers

Honestly I wish I had more of this with me now.

First Aid Kit

I travel with a pretty extensive first aid kit (thanks Peace Corps). Neosporin, Lotrimin, bandaids, butterfly stiches, etc.

Tasha with face paint


Under Eye Concealer

Tarte is amazing and this feels so luxurious. You can thank my sister for pretty much all the makeup recommendations.


My sister introduced me to this one, and I’ve never used anythign else. It’s amazing!


Get a travel palette that’s as small as possible.

Makeup Brush

Something to put your eyeshadow on with ;p


I have to use liquid eyeliner or it smudges all over the place.


This is the one I’m currently using.

Liquid Blush

Love this liquid blush my sister introduced me too — also great for warm climates and not carrying around a big blush brush.

Travel Perfume

I didn’t know travel perfume existed until like, this year?! Such an amazing addition to my makeup bag.

Tasha shoes


Slip On Sneakers

I have been buying these slip on sneakers every six months ish for YEARS. Comfortable, cute, pratical, and they go with EVERYTHING. Even water resistant ;p I gave up traveling with heels — these are now my ‘fancy shoes’ lol.


I used to be a HUGE advocate for Chacos — I had a pair for 10 years that never failed me. I think they are perfect for all hiking (unless it’s really cold) + they double as water shoes. A lot of the hikes I do are in warm climates and through water — streams, waterfalls, etc, so being able to go in and out of the water and use them for rocky beaches is great. However, recently I’ve had some less-great experiences with my new pair — blisters and they totally failed me coming down Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala — the tiny rocks kept getting between my foot and the sole, so I ended up doing the last 30 minutes barefoot (which sucked). They still have a place in my bag, but I’m open to other options.


I don’t carry flip flops any more, I use my beloved Birkenstocks instead. I love the arch support and ability to slip these in and off — especially in Asia where you are constantly taking off your shoes. I tried the light plastic waterproof ones and was not a fan — not enough arch support and they felt so flimsy.


You’d think you wouldn’t need two pairs of sandals, but I love having a slightly cuter pair with a strap for all-day walking in the city or light hiking/exploring. DO NOT order these from Olukai. Their customer service has probably gotten better in the last five years, but when I got my first pair…I can’t even talk about it without going into a rage. Great quality though!

Trail Runners

I bring one all-purpose running / workout shoe. Not ideal for lifting, but sometimes I do that barefoot. I like having trail runners so I can use them for walks/hikes too and, well, trail running.

Winter Boots

I have a similar pair to these — totally clutch for when I was in Europe in the winter. They also served as my cold-weather hiking boots.

Tasha in front of hot air balloons


Icebreaker Hoodie

I used to have an icebreaker hoodie I LOVED. It’s still a popular brand, but the new version is not the same weight or quality. I’ve since replaced it with a Merino wool base layer.

Prana Fleece Bomber

Sadly this is no longer for sale. It’s perfect — I can wear it in the city or camping. I love things that are cute + practical.

Colombia Rain Jacket

This probably needs to be replaced soon, as it’s not totally waterproof. So hard to find something cute, waterproof, and breathable.


This is great to have in the city when it rains. Simple as that.

Tasha in gym

Workout Clothes

I try to work out at least 3-5 days a week, so unless I’m doign laundry constantly, I need a decent amount of workout clothes.

Girlfriend Bra , Girlfriend Bra , Girlfriend Shorts (for Matching Set)

Love Girlfriend Collective for these matching sets. As a big-boobed girlie, it’s really hard for me to find cute workout stuff that actually works and holds the girls. I get so many compliemtns on these and I feel cute and put together. Not all Girlfriend Collective stuff works for me, so try various ones til you find your match. I always get pockets!

Sports Bra , Sports Bra

These sports bras are great for high-impact workouts and running.

Lululemon Leggings

I have one long pair and 2 capri-length pairs of Lululemon leggings. Expensive, yes. But dang do they do an amazing job of sweat wicking and staying in place. I have the heavier-weight longer leggings to wear for cold hikes or comfy days and back up pajamas.

Uniqlo Running Zip Up

This was cheap and it’s great as a base layer or if you’re going for a run outside and it’s chilly.

Shoe Inserts to Keep My Feet Happy

Ya girl needs arch support.

Tasha hiking


Athleta Crop Tops , Athleta One Shoulder

Most of my life these days revolves around not wearing a bra. If I can get away with it, I will. My favorite North Face ribbed tank is no longer being sold. It’s tough to find crop tops that are supportive enough to wear all day — so if you’re a big-breasted gal and you have recommendations, please hit me up! Atheleta and Prana and have some cute crop tops that are decent enough to wear sitting around; not all of them can be worn all day or when walking around.

Prana T-shirt

This is a great basic t-shirt.

ocean painted mural


Athleta Skort

Skorts are now the majority of my wardrobe. I have 2 kinds of Athleta skorts and I have four total in different colors. The quality has gone down over the years. But I love wearing these hiking — cute and easy to hike in, and every day — your thighs don’t rub together and you look cute.

Athleta Pants , Athleta Travel Pants , Prana Pants

My travel pants used to be mostly from Prana, now they are mostly from Athleta. Prana discontinued my faves. The Athleta quality isn’t as good. I look for pants that are dual purpose — cute, put-together looking, but comfortable to wear for a long time, breathable, and adaptable. I have several pairs of pants I could do a work meeting in, get on a plane in, or go for a hike in.


I travel with two pairs of jeans, a black pair from Pull & Bear, and a light straight-legged pair that I got at Marshalls (hi Gen Z, I’m cool now).

Wrap Skirt

I have a Kate Spade one that’s similar to this. It’s useful for beach days, salsa, or just a cute outfit. I also have a second longer/cute skirt for when I’m feeling fancy.

Tasha on boat


Quince Silk Dress

Love this dress because it can easily be dressed up or down.

Fit & Flare Dress

I have something similar to this that I use as a cover up and when I want to wear something cute.

surfing beach

Bathing Suits
& Bikinis

Active Bikini Top

I’ve been hiking & surfing in this bikini top (34F over here) and the girls stay in place — it’s better than a sports bra!

Active Bikini Bottom

This bikini bottom is the MVP — cute, classic, and goes with everything!

Active Bikini Bottom

Freaking love this bikini bottom. Clean, cute, love the ribbing. Super comfy.

Underwire Bikini Top

Magically found this in my size (34E) in Positano, Italy. For my fellow big-chested gals, underwire in bikinis helps me feel comfy and cute when wearing a bikini all day. I used to get my underwire bikini tops from Freya, but sadly they’ve gotten to be worse quality and now the underwire pokes and sticks out

Bikini Bottom

These bikini bottoms go perfectly with the top!

Tasha socks

Socks, Bras, Underwear & Intimates

Ankle Length Socks

These are what I wear for working out and when it’s a bit colder. I’ve recently upgraded to Bombas…expensive but I love them.

No Show Socks

These work well with my slip on sneakers.

Warm Hiking Socks

I bring one or two pairs of these for when I need to be comfy and warm.


This is now the only bra I have. I’ve got big boobs (34F) and I just have this in a whole lot of colors.

Everyday & Active Underwear

This underwear is fantastic. I used to think activewear underwear that was expensive was a waste of money. I’m a total convert. This is now my every day underwear. Perfect for travel days, working out, and it’s cute and not that expensive compared to other underwear.

Period Underwear

This is the period underwear I currently travel with. I have an IUD, so my period is very light/sometimes nonexistant. They could be better — I’d like higher coverage in the front. But they are the cutest pair I’ve found so far that fit me the best.

Tasha in winter clothes


Patagonia Base Layer

This is perfect for super cold weather and European winter — often wore them under jeans.

Patagonia Ski Pants

These were great ski pants.

Burton Gloves

These gloves kept me warm and cozy.

Obermeyer Ski Jacket

Loved this ski jacket — cute, breathable, waterproof, not too expensive. Loved the hood, too.

Darn Tough Wool Socks

Love these socks, I always have a couple of pairs with me.

Wool Running Socks

I brought a pair for cold weather running outside.

Smartwool Socks

Can never have too many wool socks, honestly.

Leather Gloves

I bring these with me even not in winter — having gloves is such a helpful thing to add when it’s a bit chilly.

Ear Muffs

If I’m going to spend some time in winter, I definitely bring these.

Cozy Slippers

This was one of those impractical purchases that I was so glad I had. So cute and comfy. And everyone in Europe wears slippers in winter.


This was perfect for skiing.


Gotta have a cute hat!

Ski Socks

If you’re skiing, bring ski socks!

Now that you have a handy packing list, you are one step closer to becoming a digital nomad? Do you need any other advice?

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