Online Nomad Communities

Online nomad communities are great for getting tips – and for helping us make friends offline! I’ve met some awesome (…and some less awesome) people through online groups, mostly on Slack and Facebook.

I don’t use Facebook much any more, but if you’re a digital nomad the groups and messaging can be really helpful – a lot of businesses use Facebook messenger, and if you don’t want to exchange numbers with someone or one of you doesn’t have a local SIM card, messenger is a good way to stay in touch (can’t believe I am basically promoting FB right now, ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️). There are tons of Facebook groups for digital nomads, locals, women, and expats – wherever you’re going, try searching for the place name + a few key terms, like “digital nomad.”

Pro tips: please – google before you ask something in the group! And be kind to each other. Seriously, if you don’t have something nice or helpful to say – there is literally no need to chime in.

There are a TON of groups and lots of noise out there. Below are a couple of my favorites.

Digital Nomad Online Groups

  • Digital Nomad Girls (Facebook) – My favorite free broad nomad community that I’ve found
  • Travel Fashion Girls (Facebook) – Obviously you won’t need this much after checking out my packing list , but I promise if you’ve got packing questions, these ladies have answers!
  • Girls Love Travel (Facebook) – If you need a dose of solo female travel inspo, you 👏🏽  will 👏🏽  get 👏🏽  it 👏🏽  here.
  • Nomad List (Slack) – This is not free, and it is absolutely worth paying for. A great way to get the inside scoop on places, get intel, and meet fellow nomads. Join!!

Entrepreneurship Online Groups

  • Duraca Strategic (Slack) – This is my free group for budding entrepreneurs! If you’re starting a business or a side hustle, or have one, join us 😊
  • Freelancing Females (Facebook and Slack) – I used to love Freelancing Females, and posted a lot of my business doubts and queries there. Unfortunately now that it’s shifted to a paid model, I find it not to be as good. Hopefully they’ll get their footing soon!

Have you joined any of these groups? What is missing from this list? 

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