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Business Insider | March 19, 2020

I started my own business so I could travel as a digital nomad, and I replaced my corporate salary within 4 months. Here are the 5 steps I took to do it.

Nothing will ever be exactly as you picture it. I always say the key to happiness is low expectations. Be ready to go with the flow and be flexible once you start your journey – that’s what makes being a digital nomad amasing: being able to follow your heart around the world.

National Geographic | February 9, 2023

Puerto Rico’s stunning new trail traverses a tropical rainforest

The pioneering 40-mile path through El Yunque National Forest will take you from beaches to mountain peaks.

Travel + Leisure | August 6, 2022

My Grandparents Fled the Holocaust, and I Returned to their Homeland After Reclaiming Their Citizenship — Here’s What It Was Like

Austria and Germany passed laws allowing descendants of victims of Nazi persecution to reclaim their citizenship. I’m one of the new citizens under this law.

Business Insider | June 19, 2020

I’m a digital nomad who was traveling the world when the coronavirus pandemic began. Here’s why I chose to quarantine in Vietnam instead of the US — and why I’m glad I did.

In September 2019, I quit my job to start my own business and marketing strategy consulting practice and travel the world as a digital nomad. I came to Hội An, Vietnam in February, intending to stay for one month — and then, the coronavirus happened. I’m still here, and don’t currently have a plan to leave.

Tasha walking in Bamberg, Germany

Good Beer Hunting | May 10, 2023

Hop Merchants and White Doves – Rediscovering Jewish History in the Beer Capital of Bamberg, Germany

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of beer history in Bamberg, Germany. Brewing has been an integral part of life in this part of the German state of Bavaria for over a thousand years, and many of the 70-some companies currently making beer in and around Bamberg have been in business for generations.

World Footprints | July 20, 2020

Safer abroad? Black American travelers are glad to be outside the U.S.

“I hoped things had changed. [George Floyd’s murder] makes me feel like almost nothing has changed. It makes me feel like I wouldn’t mind never going back to America,” says Gene Ellis, a Black American web developer currently in Mexico.

Mic | February 2, 2017

7 things you should know about Islam around the world

Despite Islam being one of the world’s largest religions, most Americans say they know little to nothing about it, and 43 percent of Americans have self-reported prejudice against Muslims. Hate crimes against American Muslims have reached their highest level since 9/11, and were up 67 percent over the course of 2015.

Kveller | September 12, 2022

9 Jewish Places to Visit in Berlin With Kids

I was apprehensive about visiting Germany given my family history: My Jewish grandparents escaped the Holocaust in Austria, and I recently obtained dual citizenship as the descendent of victims of Nazi persecution. It made me think about what it would be like to visit the city with kids to teach them about Jewish history and the Holocaust. While it’s a difficult and complex topic that can be hard to explain to children, having physical monuments to point to and exhibits curated for kids can help.

Foyer | August 2022

“What are you?”

I get this question all the time.

My answer depends on the day. It’s a function of who is asking, the context, how they ask, and, let’s be honest, whether I’ve had my coffee. Because it takes grace to answer this question well. It takes patience. There’s this little dance where I feign that I don’t know what they’re asking. Where they stumble slightly and say, you know, where are you from? Like, where is your family from? [Read on p. 76]

Nomadific | February 1, 2020

How Not To Be An Asshole While Being A Digital Nomad

We become digital nomads and travel for all kinds of reasons. But most travelers can agree that one of the greatest gifts of travel is learning from other countries, cultures, and people. Seeing different ways of doing things and meeting the people that do them.

We sometimes take these gifts for granted. We might forget for a moment how incredibly lucky we are to be here. To have the passport that lets us magically cross borders and to have the financial resources to make it happen.

Nomadific | March 19, 2020

Dating as a Nomad and How Seven Real-Life Couples Found Love

Dating and love are fundamental parts of our lives. That doesn’t change when we hit the road. But dating as a digital nomad does present unique challenges — and opportunities. Read on to learn more about dating on the road — and some real-life stories of couples who didn’t just catch flights, they caught feelings.

Nomadific | May 2, 2020

Nomadily Ever After? Lessons from Digital Nomads

We asked long-term nomads what they’ve learned from their years on the road and how their attitude toward nomading has changed over time. Whenever people ask me how long I’ve been traveling as a nomad, I say, “I just started in September 2019 — I’m a baby.” There’s a bit of a street cred you have the longer you’ve been traveling, especially if you started doing it before it was a thing.

Nomadific | February 20, 2020

Technology is making our travels infinitely easier – but less enchanting

Here’s how to get some of that magic back

“When I was your age…” – we’ve all heard our parents, our grandparents talk about what things were like “back in the day.” Travel is no different. The exponential pace of technological innovation has dramatically changed how we travel – not just for our grandparents and our parents, but for us. When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Peru, I didn’t have a smart phone. I didn’t have Wi-Fi. Imagine! I had to go to the next town over to use the intern

Mic | May 4, 2017

9 things to know about the Maldives — besides the fact that it has picturesque beaches

Many people think of the Maldives, a country made up of hundreds of islands southwest of India, as the perfect tropical paradise for a honeymoon or a vacation. They picture white sand beaches, clear blue water and calming waves. The Maldives has all of that, but if that’s all you know about the island nation, here are nine more things you should know before you go.

Mic | November 3, 2016

7 places in Peru you need to visit (that aren’t Machu Picchu)

I get it: You want to go to Machu Picchu so you can get the perfect shot for Tinder. And, you know, because it’s a World Heritage site and a Wonder of the World. Machu Picchu is definitely amazing. But Machu Picchu Pueblo, also known as Aguas Calientes, was built for tourists — it is not authentic Peru. If you just go to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, you’re missing out on some of the most breathtaking, genuine, beautiful and rich experiences Peru has to offer.

Wethos | September 22, 2020

7 unexpected takeaways from starting my own business

Starting a business is challenging in the best of times — and I think we can all agree 2020 isn’t the best of times. It’s been almost a year since I founded Duraca Strategic, and I can definitely say the positives have outweighed the tough times.

Nomadific | June 19, 2020

To My International Friends About Black Lives Matter

I’m a multicultural and Latinx American digital nomad currently in Vietnam. I’m surrounded by non-Americans. After George Floyd’s murder, at first, I tried to act normal. This is an American issue, I thought. I cannot expect non-Americans to understand, or to care.

World Footprints | February 2, 2022

Combining Work, Play, and Community in the French Alps

Climate change was one of the main factors Plunkett McCullagh presented to his family when he pitched using part of the family’s inheritance from selling their countryside pub to found Heyday Chalet, a new co-living spot for digital nomads in Morzine, France.

Pathway to Peace Corps | August 17, 2020

Peace Corps Volunteers share these 7 qualities with successful entrepreneurs

Peace Corps Volunteers innately have a lot of the qualities required to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders. That’s why it’s no surprise to see returned Volunteers behind the helm of organizations small and large.

National Peace Corps Association | April 17, 2020

The Heart of Peace Corps Values: Volunteers show resilience and feel heartbreak amid the agency’s global evacuation

“Hours before our flight, at our Close of Service conference, my [Peace Corps] Country Director asked me how I was feeling,” Quinton Eklund Overholser said. “Only then did I muster a single word: heartbroken.”

Duraca Strategic | June 10, 2020

Not sure how to address Black Lives Matter? Read this.

I’ve seen a lot of organizations floundering in the last couple of weeks, unsure how to communicate and what to do. Folks are arguing with their executive directors, CEOs, and Boards just to put out a statement acknowledging that Black Lives Matter. This is not a political issue. It is a human rights issue.

Nomadific | March 20, 2020

Nomading in the age of Coronavirus

For many of us digital nomads, COVID-19 has transformed our dream-like reality into a bit of nightmare. I say this not to spark fear, but to share the challenges of this lifestyle. Granted, everyone is struggling right now. Everyone is affected. This is an unprecedented global event, the likes of which I’ve never experienced in my lifetime.

Nomadific | May 12, 2020

Starting a Business? Make sure you do this first

A lot of digital nomads are also entrepreneurs — and it’s no coincidence. Both nomading and starting a business require certain characteristics that not everyone has: you have to be willing to leave the security of the familiar, take risks, strive to learn, and invest in yourself. You have to be self-motivated, passionate, proactive, flexible, and perseverant.

National Peace Corps Association | June 30, 2020

Opinion: We are the problem. We must stand with Black Americans and acknowledge the role racism plays in our institutions — and the work itself.

Peace Corps is supposed to represent what’s best about America. If we as individuals cannot stand up against systemic racism and oppression at home, we are not qualified to work alongside nonwhite people anywhere in the world. And if we don’t demand that same commitment from Peace Corps, what future will it have?

Nomadific | July 16, 2020

Q&A with Sarah Kuhlemann, Founder of Hub Hoi An in Vietnam

I think that digital nomads won’t die out. People are ready to travel responsibly, and they are in Europe already. We won’t stop traveling. Technology and infrastructure get easier and cheaper, so I think digital nomads will be the first movers within the travel industry.

Nomadific | May 12, 2020

Q&A with Eric Richard, Founder of the Nomad on FIRE Podcast

Eric Richard is the Founder of the Nomad on FIRE Podcast, where he highlights issues around financial independence within the digital nomad lifestyle.

Nomadific | May 5, 2020

Q&A with Olumide Gbenro, founder of The Digital Nomad Summit

Olumide Gbenro is the founder of the Digital Nomad Summit in Bali. The event was originally planned as an in-person event at the Conrad Hotel, with tickets selling for several hundred dollars. After the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, Olumide adapted the event to be entirely virtual — and free.

Nomadific | May 5, 2020

Q&A with Matt Dykstra, Founder of Digital Nomad 2020

Matt Dykstra is the founder of the Digital Nomad 2020 — a series of three separate online events.

Mic | January 19, 2017

12 Peruvian dishes you should try at least once

The Peruvian culinary scene is rapidly gaining international acclaim, and for good reason. With almost every type of climate in the world, including deserts, rainforests and the Andes mountains, Peru has a huge amount of regional diversity, which translates to a diverse cuisine.

Mic | December 2, 2016

12 Islamic countries you should visit

Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, but most Americans say they know little to nothing about it. The best way to learn about something unfamiliar is to experience it firsthand.

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