Riverside Ecoliving in Jerico, Colombia – An Honest & Detailed Review from a Solo Female Digital Nomad

| Mar 1, 2023

The short version: I absolutely LOVED Riverside Ecoliving in rural Jericó, Colombia and highly recommend it! Tell Jorge I sent you – & you can use the code “DURAKA” to get a 5% discount. I only recommend places I’ve personally vetted and absolutely adore – you can read more about what I look for in a coliving space here & find my full list of recommendations (and discounts!) here.

Ok the long version! Let’s get into it.

Price. I paid $433.95 for 11 nights = $39.45/night

Value. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(5/5)

Bedroom. I got a private ensuite studio & loved it. I asked for one of the brick rooms with a view, and I’m so glad I did!

Location. One thing that’s unique about Riverside is it’s a rural eco coliving. It’s about a 45 minute walk from Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia – a town of about 12,000 people. I loved this – you’re surrounded by nature and get to see a side of Colombia that many don’t. You’re surrounded by greenery, great views, and can take a cold plunge in the river whenever you want. Just keep in mind you’ll be in rural Colombia, so if you’re not used to rural living (think bugs, dirt roads, not being able to have easy access to restaurants & groceries) and fewer conveninences than big city living, this may not be for you. For many digital nomads, Colombia = Medellin, and there are so many amazing places in Colombia 

Work spaces. 💯The cowork space at Riverside is unique, special, and amazing. Can you imagine working from a more beautiful spot?! I loved all the natural light & materials. There are even ergonomic chairs. You’re surrounded by views of nature and it’s so inspiring. There’s not much sound proofing when it comes to calls, but it’s a three-story co work with plenty of space to spread out, so it wasn’t a problem for me. I also occasionally did calls from my room. 

Common areas. All of Riverside is pretty much a common area, other than you’re room. If people are hanging out, you’ll know where they are (unless they’ve gone down to the river or the bamboo meditation room…or the garden!). Mostly you’ll find people in the common areas – the cowork, the kitchens, the hangout room. It’s a gorgeous property that’s been built with a lot of love & volunteer work.

Breakfast/coffee/kitchen/food. There’s free coffee every day, and depending on which package you book, you can get breakfast & luch included. I definitely recommend doing that – the food is delicious, fresh & healthy. Because you’re about a 45 minute walk from town, getting groceries and going to a restaurant isn’t the easiest. When I was there I found the portions a little bit small, but I imagine they’ve perfected them now!

Amenities. Free coffee in the morning, beers for sale, potable water, coworking space included, games, movie room, fully furnished kitchen, community activities, tours for a fee. Breakfast & lunch included depending on which package you book. They were also growing their list of services to make transportation easier, for example.

Cleanliness & room cleaning. Regular cleaning is included in your stay and the common areas are cleaned regularly – just make sure to do your dishes!

Staff & Volunteers. Wonderful! One thing I love about Riverside is that the founder, Jorge, is from Jericó, and runs it with a childhood friend. Not enough coliving places are run by locals, and it’s so special to have someone from the area willing to share the history and culture. Jorge has built this place one volunteer at a time. Riverside has several volunteers who manage community in exchange for lodging. Because of the rural nature of the property, you’ll quickly become a tightknit community. 

Community management. Fantastic! Because of the rural nature of the property, you’ll quickly become a family. So – it really depends who’s there what kind of experience you have. Hopefully everyone is awesome ;p We at most meals together, worked out together, and did lots of community activities and tours together. There are dorms and private rooms, but I didn’t find the dorm crew bonded substantially more with each other than with everyone as a group.


Members. I had a great time and was really lucky with the group who was here when I was here. I’m sure that can’t be the case 100% of the time. I have heard from a few women that they didn’t feel as comfortable here – they got hit on by someone they weren’t into, and then you’re stuck in a small space/community with them.


Overall feel. Fun, carefree, hippie vibes. Because it’s rural and in nature, you get chill people. That said, it is a bit isolated, so for me, I probably wouldn’t spend more than a few weeks here. But if you love nature, rural areas, and have no worries about variety of food and people, book for longer! 

This is definitely one of my favorite colivings I’ve been to and it’s a special experience.

Have you been to Jericó or stayed at Riverside? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts on Instagram @t.prad

And if you haven’t been yet, tell Jorge I sent you – & you can use the code “DURAKA” to get a 5% discount!

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