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The great thing about being a digital nomad is that you can stay, literally, anywhere! Well, I take that back – anywhere with a good wifi connection 😜

Pro tip: If you’re worried about the wifi, ask ahead for a screenshot of a wifi speed test. You can google “what wifi speed do I need for x” to figure out if it will be enough for your work-from-anywhere activities. Video calls, especially with multiple people, require more bandwidth.

So after wifi, what else do you need? I like to have a desk in my room for calls so I’m not bothering others. It’s great to try different coffee shops, but sometimes you just want to roll out of bed and get right to work.

Place affects me a lot. I love being in a beautifully and functionally designed space that makes my life easier, especially as I get older – and have the money to pay for it. As a digital nomad, I’m working – not on vacation. So having a place designed with remote workers in mind makes a difference. I love juxtaposing that with roughing it and less-fancy places – when I am on vacation. I think doing both helps me stay grateful and appreciate everything I have.

I also really value community, and being able to meet other nomads and remote workers (I love meeting and befriending locals too). One quick and easy way to do this is often to join a coworking space or a coliving (where digital nomads and remote workers, well, live together. Like a big fun group house, where people go on adventures together, and also work hard.) I don’t always stay in places like this. Sometimes I want more time to myself and privacy. I’ve booked hostels, hotels, and rented rooms/whole places to stay. Pro tip: try location-based Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace to find cheaper housing (more legwork, but you can get great results!).

When I have joined a coliving or coworking, generally, it’s really enhanced my experience. I’ve met awesome people all over the world because of it. And it makes getting to a place, settling in, and making friends quickly a breeze. These places tend to be a bit pricier, and I find the high price point tends to mean that you’re meeting other legit business owners/remote workers. You can absolutely find cheaper places to stay, but for me, the cost tends to be worth the value.

Here are a few of my favorite coworking and coliving places around the world. I’ve stayed at all of these, and met wonderful people I’m still in touch with at each location:

Grimentz, Switzerland

This is a lovely coliving chalet in Grimentz, Switzerland – the Swiss Alps. If you’re big on skiing or snowboarding, you must go in winter – it’s so close to the ski lift! I can’t wait to go back in summer. Swiss Escape has two chalets with a few bedrooms each, so you really get to know everyone. Grimentz is an incredibly charming village that somehow manages to have lots of food options, and, because it’s Switzerland, is easy to get to via public transportation. Switzerland is pricey, and we cooked a lot more than I usually do!

Make sure to use my booking codes for a discount on your stay! Tashaescape!w for stays under 28 days, and Tashaescape!M for stays over 28 days 😊

Morzine, France

A charming coliving chalet in Morzine, France – the French Alps. Again, if you like skiing or snowboarding, do yourself a favor and go here in winter! Also really looking forward to going here in summer 🙂 Heyday is in a gorgeous 100 year-old farmhouse, and a bit more upscale – it comes with delicious family meals and a hot tub. The founder, Plunkett McCullagh, a gregarious Irishman, lives in the apartment downstairs and often hangs out with the guests, which is a lot of fun. I loved it so much, I even wrote an article about this place. Just mention my name (Tasha Prados) to Plunkett when booking here for a 15% discount 😝

Beet Community, Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy

Beet Community is a small coliving (3 rooms) in Palermo, Italy. My favorite thing about it is that it’s run by a local, and his friends and family are part of the Beet Community – making it an awesome way to meet locals and expats. It’s well located, close to a gym and 10 minutes to Palermo’s beautiful old town and close to lots of restaurants and bars. There’s a lively potluck every Thursday, and fun weekend activities. Tell Marco I sent you & get 5% off your booking using the coupon code “Tas24!” Read my full review here. 

Hội An, Vietnam

This coworking space is located in Hội An, Vietnam –  a UNESCO World Heritage site. Hội An is amazing – beach, beautiful rice fields, centuries of history as a trading port, and incredible food. I met great friends at the coworking space, and loved having somewhere to go to work! Here’s a Q&A I did with the founder. During covid a new owner took over (and rumor has it is moving to a new property!). I am looking forward to going back and seeing how the place has evolved. When booking, mention my name (Tasha Prados) to Florian for a couple of free days at the hub!

Koh Lanta, Thailand

A tropical coworking space in Koh Lanta, Thailand, KoHub is well-equipped. You can even order food or drinks right to your desk! You can work outside or in an air-conditioned room. They have lots of fun little breaks, like coffee and tea breaks, and events (game night!! Sunset drinks 🌅) to meet other members.

Tasha at Riverside Ecoliving in Jérico, Colombia

Jérico, Colombia

This rural ecolodge outside Jérico, Colombia, is unique. You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous greenery; the coworking space has breathtaking views; you can go for peaceful walks, swims in the nearby river, meditate in the bamboo hut, or relax in the graden. One of my favorite things about Riverside is that Jorge, the owner, is local, and is always looking to use his business to support the local community. He really understands the needs of digital nomads, so even though there are some limitations being in rural Colombia, he’s constantly making improvements to Riverside. Riverside is a 45-minute walk from the extremely charming town of Jérico in Antioquia. You’ll be a bit more isolated and dependent on Riverside; the plus side to that is that you’ll quickly bond with everyone staying there, including the volunteers. Highly recommend coming here for a couple of weeks to unwind, enjoy nature, and see another side of Colombia. Let Jorge know I sent you! You can use the code “DURAKA” to get a 5% discount.

Co404, Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

Co404 is everything you could want in a coliving and more. It’s perfectly located in Oaxaca, walking distance to everything – tons of coffee shops, restaurants, and a gym. It’s a big coliving, with both private rooms, and dorms, think more along the lines of party vibes. The coworking space is great, and there are even lots of call rooms. The massive roof is one big open-air common area – kitchen, dining room, coworking, loungy and movie room. There’s great community management from volunteers and lots of fun activities. Tell David I sent you – & you can get 5% off your booking using the coupon code “Duracatravels5”. Read my full review here.

Tasha at Wi-Fi Tribe


As a digital nomad, I’m always looking for community and to meet other like-minded folks. For years I heard my favorite nomads talk about the awesomeness of WiFi Tribe, and I finally got to experience it for myself in Medellín in 2023. There’s a pretty competitive application process. If you’re accepted, you can join WiFi Tribe chapters all over the world. WiFi Tribe curates a fantastic community and takes care of lodging. You’ll show up and have an absolute blast. Newer nomads love WiFi tribe because it takes some of the fear and nerves out of nomading; experienced nomads love it for the community. Sound awesome? It is! Use my referral link to give your application a boost.   Read my full review here.

Outsite I can’t quite recommend, but don’t quite not recommend. It really depends on which Outsite – read my full review here. I had an amazing experience with them in Bali in 2019, but when I went to their property in Puerto Rico in 2022 it was not good value or good community vibes. I ended up there again in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in 2023 and it was a good experience. So make sure you read the reviews. I’ll always opt for a more boutique, local coliving if I can.

And, one place I do NOT recommend…

  • Selina. I stayed at two of their locations in Mexico and one in Colombia. To me, Selina felt built-for-Instagram – not the actual needs of digital nomads, way too expensive for what you actually get, like it is white-washing my beloved Latin America, like they did not appropriately pay – or train – staff, and like they did not care about covid safety or guests’ physical safety. I have heard every location is different and some are great, but I can only go off my own experience.

Remember, it’s your journey – don’t be afraid to try things for yourself and see what you do & don’t like!

So what did you think of this list? Have you visited another coliving or coworking space that you loved?

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